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Where Largo XV Marzo 1799, Tolfa (Roma)
Opened in 1954, the museum was reorganised in the former Convent of the Augustinian Fathers, specially restored and inaugurated in April 2001. There are collections of artefacts mostly found during the excavations carried out since the 1950s in the many settlements and Etruscan necropoli of the Tolfa agricultural area. Also interesting is the documentation of the Hellenistic-age complex of the Sanctuary of Grasceta dei cavallari and findings from the Piana di Stigliano, comprising domestic pottery ware and Bucchero. The mediaeval section displays pottery and coins dating from the 13th to 15th centuries, found in two sumps in the old village of Tolfa. Worthy of note are precious Etruscan amphora with black figures, including one called the "Master of Tolfa" (6th century BC).
Museo civico c
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