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Museo "Gustavo VI Adolfo di Svezia"

Where Via Umberto I, Blera (Viterbo)
The section on “Horse and Man” of the Museum, which was inaugurated in 2002, was created thanks to interdisciplinary cooperation between archaeologists and cultural anthropologists who wanted to document, preserve and emphasise the particular relationship between man and horse that has historically characterised the cultural area of the Latium Maremma. The museum project aims not only to preserve and safeguard a cultural heritage but, above all, to communicate uses, customs and enthralling experiences to visitors. Alongside the traditional means of communication such as panels, objects and captions, there is a wide use of audiovisuals, dioramas, environmental sound diffusion and direct contact with the historical-cultural reality on display. The museum structure is divided into two sectors: one dedicated to man-horse relations in prehistory and protohistory; the other, on the lower floor and in the outdoor area, is reserved for the modern and contemporary age, and explores the folkloric aspects of the Maremma and Roman countryside.
Museo "Gustavo VI Adolfo di Svezia" c
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