Luogo - Religious building

Cattedrale di San Lorenzo

Where Piazza San Lorenzo, 6, Viterbo

St. Lowrence's Cathedral is the main place of worship in the city of Viterbo, a bishopric of the diocese. The imposing Romanesque structure dating from the twelfth century, although the facade, because of rearrangements of the sixteenth century, looks like the structure of the Renaissance style. The Cathedral is open to the east, on the hill, connected directly to the Papal Palace overlooking the city. The current facade is in Renaissance style for Cardinal Gambara, who gave over to the transformation of the Cathedral. From the outside, the only original work visible is the bell tower, characterized by double lancet windows on the top and sides polychrome horizontal, alternating the  local white travertine of theand the blue basalt. Access to the portal is by a short staircase. The interior, with three naves separated by two rows of columns with arches and has a cosmatesco floor, was remodeled in the sixteenth century, with the creation of the ten side chapels and the loss of the wall frescoes. In the seventeenth century it was built a barrel vault, decorated in 1681 by Urbano Romanelli. In the same building phase it is due the construction of the apse and the Baroque sacristy. Most of these changes is, in turn, lost during a 1944 bombing.

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