Luogo - Museum

Museo del Colle del duomo

Where piazza San Lorenzo, 8, Viterbo

The Museum was founded on the occasion of the Great Jubilee in 2000. Its realisation was made possible thanks to the combined intervention of the Diocesan Curia of Viterbo and the Italian Prime Minister’s Office. Some unused premises near the Cathedral were refurbished and fitted out by Maestro Alessio Paternesi. Currently, the Museum is divided into 3 sections: archaeological, historical-artistic and sacred art, that can be combined with the guided tour to parts of the Cathedral of San Lorenzo that otherwise cannot be visited, such as the sacristy and the Baroque choir, and main rooms of the Popes’ Palace (such as the Loggia and Conclave Chamber where the first and longest conclave of the church’s history was held). The Museum promotes guided tours to the mediaeval districts and main monuments of the city of Viterbo and its province all year round. Moreover, the museum is “Punto” (Pilgrimage stop) of via Francigena and offers information to pilgrims for reception in the city.

Museo del Colle del duomo c
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