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Museo del Patrimonium

Where via di Porta Vecchia, 79, Sutri (Viterbo)
The “Museo del Patrimonium” (Museum of the Patrimonium) is located inside the ancient Palazzo della Comunità in Sutri. The 15th century building was transformed into the Civic Hospital and now on the second floor there is the Historical Archive and Public Library. The museum houses many historical items regarding Sutri and its territory: sculptures, epigraphs, frescoes, paintings, documents and fragments of hand written codes that make it possible to following the lines of the rich historical profile of this city. Sutri was an important Roman centre, an Episcopal seat in 465 and an important staging point of itineraries towards Rome throughout the Middle Ages. The museum itinerary is divided between the ground floor and the lower ground floor. The first room is dedicated to paintings from the Church of San Francesco, and some frescoes from the Church of Santa Fortunata, one of which dates back to the early 1200s and depicts Pope Innocent III. The processional vexillum, attributed to the painter Eugenio Agneni, is in the same room. Among other pieces worth mentioning are some Roman, early Middle Age and Romanesque sculptures and inscriptions. Documents and fragments of hand written codes dating back to the 11th-16th centuries which are preserved in the Civic Historical Archive are very important for understanding the town’s cultural history.
Museo del Patrimonium c
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