Luogo - Religious building

Cappella di San Salvatore

Where Piazza Carbonei, Squinzano (Lecce)

The Chapel of St. Savior dates from the early seventeenth century. Originally it was smaller, with roof tiles, an altar with the image of the Savior and a single entrance. It was forbidden to worship from 1640 to 1682, when it was completed the restoration. In 1741, the Chapel was equipped with a new altar. Still closed and restored, in 1907 it was made permanently accessible with the addition of a series of pillars along the side walls, a new cover and a small sacristy. In 1950 the original painting of the Transfiguration of Christ was replaced by the current, the same subject, by Antonio Valzano.

(From a text of Prof. Angelo Cappello)

Cappella di San Salvatore c
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