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Piazza Plebiscito e Vecchio Palazzo di Città

Where Via Trieste, 2, Squinzano (Lecce)

Plebiscite Square is so named to commemorate the plebiscite which was declared the Unification of Italy, in 1860. Also known as "Men’s Square" because attended exclusively by men who gathered to negotiate the day's work in the fields. On the Square there are several historical buildings, including: the Clock Palace (XIX century), once the seat of the municipal offices; De Castro Palace (XVIII century); Campa Palace (late seventeenth) and the old Town Hall (nineteenth century), now seat of the Museum of Olive Oil and Wine and the "Puglia Wine School". The center of the Square is decorated with a marble mosaic depicting the coat of arms of the City: an eagle holding a shield Roman depicting a lion out of the forest. This place has always housed the famous Band of Squinzano, directed by brothers Ernesto and Gennaro Abbate.

Piazza Plebiscito e Vecchio Palazzo di Città c
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