Luogo - Religious building

Cappella del Carmine

Where Via Matteotti, Squinzano (Lecce)

The Chapel of the Madonna of Carmine, originally belonging to the feudal prince of Squinzano, is now owned by the heirs of the family Campa-Sansonetti. Annexed to the eponymous palace, it was built during the seventeenth century at the behest of Don Gabriele Agostino, young scion of the noble Enriquez family. It’s accessed from inside the palace, through a small scale, both from external door, in Via Matteotti. The facade is linear and simple; the interior is covered by a vault with lunettes painted and has a single altar of inlaid marble, surmounted by a seventeenth-century painting depicting the Madonna of Carmine. Currently, the Chapel was deconsecrated.

(From a text of Prof. Angelo Cappello)

Cappella del Carmine c
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