Luogo - Religious building

Cappella di San Leonardo

Where Via S. Leonardo, Squinzano (Lecce)

The Chapel of St. Leonard and All Saints was erected at the beginning of the seventeenth century by Don Santo Serratì. The original Chapel had a vaulted ceiling and an altar topped by a painting of St. Leonard and All Saints. In 1851 the Chapel was closed for an urgent restoration, to be reopened only in 1903, thanks to the generosity of the devout Vincenza Lia. Dedicated to the Virgin of SS. Rosario, in the course of the 80s it was again abandoned. Before the collapse of 2007, due to the demolition of the adjacent film Vallone, the interior still had a Baroque altar stone, framed by two twisted columns and decorated by a group of statues depicting the Virgin holding out the rosary to St. Francis and St. Rita. Have survived the collapse the statues of St. Michael, the Wonderworker Padovano, St. Leonard and other Saints, today housed in the Rosina Frassaniti Palace.

(From a text of Prof. Angelo Cappello)

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