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Cappella della Madonna di Loreto

Where Via dei Muratori, SS Squinzano-Casalabate, Squinzano (Lecce)

History and legend come together around the small chapel dedicated to the Virgin of Loreto. Dating from the late sixteenth century, it was erected just outside Squinzano, on the way to Casalabate, on the remains of a pre-existing Basilian cave dug on the slope of Mount of the Battle (from the battle between the French and the Spanish, in 1528). According to a hypothesis, the Chapel was built in memory of the people dead in this legendary battle; according to others, it was a votive offering of the Marquis Leonardo Prato, Admiral and Commander of the Land of the Knights of Rhodes, to be escaped an attack turkish. Such Armelio Manca, however, is cited as responsible for its construction in an inscription of 1582 in the Chapel, on the icon of the Annunciation. Until the recent restorations, the surviving wooden altar was still topped by a sixteenth-century fresco depicting the Virgin of Loreto.

(From a text of Prof. Angelo Cappello)

Cappella della Madonna di Loreto c

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