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Chiesa di Mater Domini

Where Via Mater Domini, Squinzano (Lecce)

The first evidence of a chapel dedicated to Mater Domini dates back to the early '500, in devotion of Don Pietro Capuzzimati, on the ruins of another older, probably Basilian, dedicated to St. Mary. Only in the early eighteenth century was added a body more larger and complex, in which the chapel was incorporated as a sacristy. Subsequently, other important projects were realized with the help of a devoted, as remembered by the inscription on the facade; but it was only thanks to the pious woman Giuseppa De Paulo that the interior was enriched with two altars, dedicated to the Blessed Virgin of Sanarica and Our Lady of Good Counsel. In 1921, it became parish, named to Mater Domini; two years later, by Msgr. Egidio Manieri, new restorations were carried out, after which the Church was solemnly consecrated.

(From a text by Prof. Angelo Cappello)

Chiesa di Mater Domini c
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