Luogo - Religious building

Chiesa e Convento di Santa Maria delle Grazie

Where Via Ugo Foscolo, Squinzano (Lecce)

The Church and the Convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie originate from two "votives": the first for the popular devotion, as thanks for having freed Squinzano from being a Lecce's feud; the second one in 1623, when they wanted to regain the regime of feudalism at Prince John Enriquez, who brought out the construction to accommodate the Conventual Reformed Fathers. The Convent was closed for a decline in vocations until 1671, when arrived the Scalzi Reformed. Thanks to the devotion of the young princes, in the late seventeenth century, the planting of the Church underwent a major transformation, with the creation of the two aisles. The Monastery has undergone several reconstructions over the centuries, especially during the visit of King Ferdinand II and his wife, hosted in 1859 while they were traveling to Lecce. In 1866 the Convent passed to the City for civilian use and the restoration was resumed only in 1901, with the redemption by the fathers, and then again in 1954.

(From a text by Prof. Angelo Cappello)

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