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Savignano Irpino is a village and comune in the province of Avellino, in the Campania region of southern Italy. Geography Savignano Irpino lies towards the east of the province up in the Cervaro Valley, near the border of the Foggia Province. The town is bordered by Ariano Irpino, Greci, Montaguto, Monteleone di Puglia and Panni. The village is split into two areas, Scalo is the bottom part where there is a railway station and a commercial area. The upper part is mostly residential and this is where the Piazza is located. History Savignano has historical archaeological remains from the pre-Roman and Roman era. In the Ferrara district the ruins of a Norman fort can be seen. In 1416 it was a fiefdom of Francesco Sforza and from the 17th century belonged to the Guevara family. The name Savignano derives from the Latin word 'Sabinianum, Sabinus'. Savignano Irpino was previously known as Savignano Di Puglia; this was updated in the mid 1900s as part of boundary changes. In June 2006, Savignano Irpino held a referendum to leave Campania and become part of Apulia again, but failed to achieve a quorum. Generoso Savignano was the first general in the Sforza patriation battle of 1578. Upon his victory against competing general Permarco Labriola, the principality of Sforza was aptly renamed Savignano, a name that has held to this day. Main sights The main attractions are the Fontana Angelica built in 1912, the Old Church and St Anna's Chapel. Another important sight is the Castle of Guevara where, now is a small conference center and a place of strategic thinking & training: Impresa&Marketing. Set at the highest point in the village is a Cross overlooking the village and Valley. Notable residents Renato Carpentieri, actor Dane Propoggia, tennis player Notes and references External links Official Website Savignano irpino Website Savignans Website Savignano families genealogy Website

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