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Museo di storia naturale di Pavia

Where Piazza Botta, 9, Pavia

The Natural History Museum of University of Pavia is among the oldest in Italy. Founded in 1771, the Museum comprising about 400.000 exhibits divided into the sections "Zoology", "Comparative Anatomy" and "Paleontology", from '700 to today. All specimens are the result of acquisitions and exchanges related to the research activities of the University. The collections shows animals belonging to species now rare and endangered, such as a pair of Barbary lions; the Cacapo, a  night parrot unable to fly native to New Zealand; and monk seals. Since 1995, a work of restoration and cataloging has greatly improved the use of the material, which is now exposed to new premises in Palazzo Botta (except the zoological section), providing educational activities and consultation of the library and archive.


The section "Zoology" is in Guffanti Street, 13.

Free entrance.

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