Luogo - Religious building

Chiesa di Santa Maria del Carmine

Where Piazza Carmine, Pavia

The Church of Santa Maria del Carmine is one of the best known examples of brick Gothic architecture in northern Italy. The construction of the grandiose building began between 1370 and 1390, to complete, with the facade, after about a century. After Cathedral is the largest church in the city, with a rectangular perimeter of 80x40 meters, within which there is Latin cross plant with three naves flanked by chapels. The facade is characteristic for the large rose window and the seven spiers. Elegant bell tower, over 70 meters tall, is considered the largest and the most beautiful in the city. It was restored between 2006 and 2010. The construction project was entrusted to Bernardo di Venezia. The altar is surmounted by a small circular temple with Triumphant Christ, on either side of which are Angel Announcing and Virgin. The frontal, in white marble, contains Veronica, flanked by two medallions with Christ in the Garden of Olives (on the right) and Ecce Homo (on the left). In the transept on the left wall there are numerous and precious fifteenth-century frescoes.

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