Luogo - Religious building

Basilica di San Michele Maggiore

Where Piazza San Michele, Pavia

The present building began in the late eleventh century, is considered the prototype of the Medieval church in Pavia, even if it departs from other churches for the use of sandstone, for the Latin cross with a longitudinal transect, new solution for the time. Even octagonal dome is new: asymmetric, on Lombard plumes. The Basilica has housed for centuries lavish ceremonies and coronations, including that of Frederick Barbarossa, in 1155. The nave is divided into two bays; the aisles play a static task. Under the apse, which has a large fresco, there is an altar of 1383 with the remains of saints Ennodius and Eleucadio. Under the altar opens the crypt. The facade has a gabled profile embellished with a loggia and a large repertoire of sculptures themed sacred and profane.

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