Luogo - Monument

Statua di Regisole

Where Piazza del Duomo, 4, Pavia

The origin of the statue is not clear, the name probably derives from "Regem Solis", since it was formerly covered with gilding that reflected the sun's rays, or from the position of the raised arm that seemed to "hold up" the sun. The statue was destroyed in 1796 by Pavese Jacobins, as it depicts a monarch. In the mid-thirties it was decided to entrust the sculptor Francesco Messina with the execution of a copy of Regisole strictly based on ancient reproductions. New Regisole, a 6 meter high bronze statue placed on a travertine base, was thus relocated in front of Duomo and solemnly inaugurated.

Immagine descrittiva - BY Di Superzen - Opera propria, Pubblico dominio, c
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