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Ponte Coperto

Where Ponte Coperto, Pavia

Covered Bridge (also known as Old Bridge) is a bridge over Ticino river that connects old town to the rest of the city. The bridge is built on five arches and is completely covered with two portals at the ends and a small religious chapel at the center. Current bridge is revival of the forms of the ancient one, of XIV century. Already in Roman times ancient town of Ticinum had a bridge that connected the two banks. In 1351 it was built on the ruins of Roman bridge a new bridge, designed by Giovanni Ferrera and Jacopo da Cozzo. The bridge, completed in 1354, was covered with irregular ten arches and two towers at the ends of which were used for defense. The bombing of allied forces in September 1944, damaged ancient bridge. In 1949 it began the construction of the new bridge, opened in 1951. Current Bridge is about 30 meters downstream from the previous, wider and higher. The arches are five instead of seven.

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