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Archivio di Stato di Pavia

Where Via Cardano 45, Pavia

The State Archives of Pavia is located in St. Maiolo Complex, between Via Rezia and Cardano, it's formed by the former convent and a church of the 967 (first Cluniac monastery in Italy). The Archive is divided into two main sections: "Documentary" and "Bibliographic". The Documentary consists of 56.519 pieces of paper material and collects documents ranging from 1115 to 2005, including over 5.000 parchments and many maps; hundreds of photographs and slides; microfilm and thousands of seals and stamps. The bibliographic heritage, on the second floor, consists of 13.051 volumes. The Archive offers many services to the public: "Study Room", "Room of Searches for Correspondence", photocopying service and consultation of the Library. The Archive offers educational activities and participates in cultural events of the Ministry of Culture.

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