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Museo di mineralogia di Pavia

Where Via Ferrata, 1, Pavia

The Museum has its origins in the section dedicated to the mineral kingdom of the Natural History Museum, founded by Lazzaro Spallanzani (1729-1799) in the eighteenth century. The successor of Spallanzani, Giuseppe Mangili, has collected the mineralogical material with several hundred samples from other Italian regions and European. Merging of teachings of Mineralogy and Geology, in 1934 the Museum is rearranged, dividing the collections in "Section Mineralogical-crystallographic" and in the "Petrografico-Mining". The first filing of minerals dates back to the 70s. In its current location since 1993, the Museum is now inserted in the University Museum System of the University of Pavia. The current path exposes samples with cartellinatura original, ranging from minor collections (Val d'Ossola) to jasper Eastern Europe, to the Sienese meteorites. The Museum offers a rich teaching proposal and tours.


From Monday to Thursday: 14: 00/16: 30; friday by 9: 00/12: 00.

Free entrance.

Guided tours by appointment.

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