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Museo di geologia e paleontologia

Where VIA FERRATA, 1, Pavia

The Mineralogy Museum is part of the Department of Earth Sciences, University of Pavia, along with the section of Geology and Paleontology, where there are kept around 10 thousand samples of minerals, rocks and fossils. It is also part of the Museum System of the University, recently established. The current organization is divided into a part of a systematic and part of regional and "samples". The first is arranged in the systematic order by Strunz, regardless of the place of origin. The collection includes regional minerals typical of each Italian region, while the sample is made up of pieces of large size from disparate locations. The minerals are preserved about 8.000 pieces. Among the smaller collections, it remember the Val Devero, a polished jasper from Eastern Europe. There is also a small collection of meteorites: two have particular historical value, since it falls around Siena in the late '700 and collected by Lazzaro Spallanzani.

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