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Museo di Anatomia di Pavia

Where Via Forlanini, 8, Pavia

The Museum consists of three rooms: in the main, of greater size, are exposed on two levels, sections of Osteology, with various types of skeletons from babies to adults, a rich collection of skulls, including the section on "eminent persons" with the skull of the scientist Valentino Brugnatelli, the bones of the trunk, upper limbs, lower limbs; section of Angiology, that preserves in the central shrine, the "statues natural" whole bodies dry preparations obtained with the injection of the vessels, as well as a series of preparations related to the heart, venous, arterial and lymphatic; section of Embryology with embryos, fetuses and uteri in gestation; section of Anatomy, with general purposes prepared related to connective tissue, cartilage and bone, made of muscle tissue, nerves and blood vessels. In the two smaller rooms are placed on the prepared Splacnologia, Anesthesiology, Neurology and Topographic Anatomy.

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