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Museo della tecnica elettrica

Where VIA FERRATA, 1, Pavia

The Museum of Electrical Technology was established in March 2000, when a program agreement was signed between the University of Pavia, Lombardy Region, the Municipality of Pavia and the Distrect of Pavia. With this initiative, the four institutions have sought to make a permanent tribute to Alessandro Volta (1745-1827), inventor of the electric battery. The Museum is attached to the Interdepartmental Research Centre for the History of Electrical Technology operates at the University of Pavia; it is also one of the museums of the University Museum System, recently established. The Museum of Electrical Technology, which describes the various paths of the applications of electricity to this day, is housed in a new facility located in the campus of Via Ferrata and occupies a total area of about 5.000 square meters. Currently the museum's heritage consists essentially of the University collection, collection in over a decade in the Department of Electrical Engineering, and in two large collections loaned: the collection ENEL, already in the Museum of Electricity in Rome, composed of about 400 exhibits (including rotating electrical machines and hydraulic turbines, measuring instruments and counters, switching devices), and the collection SIRTI (Italian Society Long Distance Telephone Networks), already in the Museum SIRTI Telecommunications in Milan, consisting of about 3.000 pieces, in particular in the field of telegraphy and telephony, as telegraph and telephone equipment, radio, teletype. The heritage continues to expand for the donations and loans that continue to be received. The Museum is annexed to the Historical Library, founded in 1988 with the fund sold by the Italian Electrotechnical, Milan office.

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