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Musei civici di Pavia

Where Viale XI Febbraio, 35, Pavia

The Visconti Castle, or Castello Visconteo, was built by Galeazzo Visconti between 1360 and 1365. Visitors pass through rooms still have fine frescos from the period of the Visconti and Sforza. The north wing is now missing. This was once Duke’s residence, facing the parkland, Parco Visconteo, and linking with the Certosa (Charterhouse). However, the harmony of the Castle - one of the great examples of Late Gothic Lombard architecture - is intact.
After the Second World War, the Castle is the location of the City Museums of Pavia. The Museums include the following collections: the Archaeological and Early Medieval section with the superb Roman, Goth and Lombard archaeological remains, the Romanesque and Renaissance sections, the Malaspina Gallery including works from the XIV to XVI century and a section dedicated to the XVII and XVIII centuries, the Gallery of the XIX century, the Morone Collection, the Risorgimento Museum, the Gipsoteca, the Ethnographical Museum Robecchi Bricchetti and a space housing temporary exhibitions. Following the renovation of the stable of the Castle, the City Museums were enriched by a further exhibition space.

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