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Piazza Castromediano

Where Piazza S.Castromediano, 1, Cavallino (Lecce)

Castromediano Square is the main square of Cavallino. It's characterized by the imposing Palace of the Marquis of Castromediano, still showing some original structures in the Renaissance style, although inside has undergone many changes. In the Palace it can visit a Gallery and the St. Stephen's Chapel, decorated with paintings of Gianserio Strafella of Cupertino. In the Square there is also the Parish Church of the Assumption, a building of the seventeenth century that stands on an ancient pre-existing church. The Cchurch has a unique bell tower, second in height only to the bell tower of the Cathedral of Lecce. Its top has a "onion" culmination, similar to the type that occurs in Eastern Europe.

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