Luogo - Museum

Galleria del Palazzo Ducale dei Castromediano

Where Via Sediolo, 4, Cavallino (Lecce)

Salvatore Bacile of Castiglione called the Gallery of the Palazzo Ducale of Castromediano, as a large hall for receptions, rich tapestries, silver, Murano chandeliers and precious carpets that were Castle Cavallino a veritable little palace. Today of all that splendor remain only the busts on the cornices and sculptures, many of them mutilated, and once part of the frescoes depicting the zodiac. The beautiful earthen floor is dotted with stars made of enameled diamond pattern of various colors green blacks white yellow and red. The sky of the great room is all decorated with frescoes by Francesco Florio representing the 12 constellations.

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