Luogo - Religious building

Chiesa Madre di Maria SS. Assunta

Where Piazza S.Castromediano, 29, Cavallino (Lecce)

The Church of SS. Assumption stands on a raised floor to avoid the periodic flooding of the lower area of the country. The plant, one nave, covered by a cross vault, stretches into two arms in the opposite transept, according to the scheme of a Latin cross. The entrance consists of a portal flanked by two statues representing St. Omobono and St. Francis of Paola, works by Mauro Massieri from Lecce (1687-1744). Inside there are two altars: one dedicated to St. Anthony of Padua (1601), and one dedicated to the Queen Immaculate Virgin and the Archangel Michael (1687). Noteworthy, the shrine of St. John the Almoner (1703), commissioned by Fortunato Castromediano, and the Chapel of Castromediano, with the tomb of the family (1637).

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