Luogo - Religious building

Chiesa dell’ex Convento dei Padri Domenicani

Where Corso Umberto I, 32, Cavallino (Lecce)

The Convent and the adjoining convent church were built between 1626 and 1635, by the Marquis Francesco Castromediano and his wife Beatrice Acquaviva d'Aragona. The two buildings were donated to the Dominicans, so Cavallinesi the devotion to Our Lady of Mount joined the cult of Saint Dominic of Guzman. The interior of the church has three aisles; presbytery, once bordered by a delicate iron balustrade (later removed), still retains the old baroque altar made of local stone shaped; in the apse, resting on the back of two lions, is a cenotaph with long Latin inscription, on which are the statues of the Marquis Beatrice and Francesco Castromediano, fashionable clothes Spanish, who hold hands lovingly.

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