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Museo diffuso di Cavallino

Where Piazzetta F.lli Cervi, Cavallino (Lecce)

The Eco-Museum was founded in 2003 to complete the initiative of "Yard School of Archaeology", as an expression of the time: a reading that runs through the centuries and comes to the present, through a representation of the space in which the remains of the ancient (houses, roads and fortifications), joined to the elements of the landscape (quarries, vegetation, "specchie", sinkholes, "casedde"), are places in which to stroll and linger. It's a three-dimensional palimpsest on which human and natural activities have left important traces, to preserve and convey to visitors. The access to the Eco-Museum is the "Balcony on History", an artificial terrace, ten meters hight, from where it can embrace all the richness of the territory and the discontinuity between the modern and the ancient town. The area is equipped with tour routes for pedestrians and cyclists, complete with logistics and didactic services.

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