Point of interest

Piazza Castromediano

Piazza S.Castromediano, 1, Cavallino, (Lecce)

Castromediano Square is the main square of Cavallino. It's characterized by the imposing Palace of the Marquis of Castromediano, still showing some original...

Religious building

Chiesa Madre di Maria SS. Assunta

Piazza S.Castromediano, 29, Cavallino, (Lecce)

The Church of SS. Assumption stands on a raised floor to avoid the periodic flooding of the lower area of the country. The plant, one nave, covered by a cross vault,...


Palazzo Ducale dei Castromediano

Via Sediolo, 4, Cavallino, (Lecce)

Among the patrician residences of Salento stands the Limburg Castromediano, in Cavallino. The original nucleus of the marquis palace, which in time underwent many...


Galleria del Palazzo Ducale dei Castromediano

Via Sediolo, 4, Cavallino, (Lecce)

Salvatore Bacile of Castiglione called the Gallery of the Palazzo Ducale of Castromediano, as a large hall for receptions, rich tapestries, silver, Murano chandeliers...

Religious building

Chiesa dell’ex Convento dei Padri Domenicani

Corso Umberto I, 32, Cavallino, (Lecce)

The Convent and the adjoining convent church were built between 1626 and 1635, by the Marquis Francesco Castromediano and his wife Beatrice Acquaviva d'Aragona. The...

Point of interest

Porta San Giorgio

Via Roma, Cavallino, (Lecce)

St. George Gate, initially called New Gate, owes its current name to its proximity to the ancient Chapel of St. George. Its prospectus is moved by a pair of Ionic...


Teatro Il Ducale

Via de Giorgi Padre Gino, 6, Cavallino, (Lecce)

The Ducal Theatre was opened in 2008 with a testimonial, Gino Paoli. As Cinema-Theater, in 2010 it premiered the national film "We Believed" by Mario Martone. Since...


Museo diffuso di Cavallino

Piazzetta F.lli Cervi, Cavallino, (Lecce)

The Eco-Museum was founded in 2003 to complete the initiative of "Yard School of Archaeology", as an expression of the time: a reading that runs through the centuries...



Cavallino (LE) was recognized "City of Art and Culture", gave birth to the Risorgimento’s patriot Giuseppe La Viola De Dominicis (Captain Black), the most important...


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