Luogo - Museum

Museo provinciale Sigismondo Castromediano

Where Viale Gallipoli, 28, Lecce
Types of materials in the museum include: numismatic assets, archaeological and anthropological finds, demo-ethno-anthropological assets, works and objects of art; drawings, photographs and works of contemporary art. The museum is characterised by the multiplicity of its collections divided into five sections: prehistoric, archaeological, medieval, baroque, the nineteenth and twentieth century of Salento. The collections come from archaeological excavations from the late nineteenth century enriched by excavations funded by the Province of Lecce (Roca, Rudiae, Cavallino, Poggiardo). The museum offers an organic panorama of Messapica civilization from Salento from the seventh century B.C. where purchases, donations and deposits have enriched the consistency and classifications of the museum (Attic, Apulian and local vases, bronzes, pottery and inscriptions). A gallery has been created for the historical - artistic sections (fourteenth and fifteenth century venetian polyptych, Neapolitan painting from the sixteenth to the eighteenth century, ceramics, glass, textiles and silverware from the Baroque Era) to the “Artists of Salento from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries” sections.
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