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Museo papirologico

Where Via di Valesio, 24 Complesso Studium 2000 Università del Sal, Lecce
The Papirological Museum of the University of Salento was inaugurated on 22nd June 2007 and is divided into three rooms. The first room is devoted to the exhibition of the papyri and to the illustration of aspects, problems, issues and moments in the history of papyrology. The materials are displayed in five display cases. The room also contains a small section of Herculaneum, which houses a modern reproduction of the famous machine for performing the Herculaneum papyri developed in the mid-eighteenth century by Father Scolopio Antonio Piaggio. In the second room the Library of Egyptology and papyrology is located that has over 1500 volumes of Egyptological and papyrological documents. The room also houses two display cases: the first contains a collection of ancient pottery from the eastern Mediterranean and some modern objects found in the dump of the Archaeological Mission of the University of Michigan at Soknopaiou Nesos; in the second are some objects variably connected with the world of writing. The third room houses the management and administration of the Museum. Behind the Museum is the Laboratory of Reading and Restoration of papyrus, with a station for optical analysis
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