Luogo - Religious building

Chiesa del Gesù

Where Piazza Castromediano Sigismondo, Lecce

The Church of Jesus, or of "Our Lady of Good Counsel", was for centuries the seat of the Society of Jesus. The Church was built from 1575 to accommodate the Jesuits who arrived in the city the year before the wake of Realino Bernardino da Carpi, who died in Lecce in 1616 and later canonized. The construction of the Church of Jesus brought about the destruction of the ancient church of St. Nicholas of Greeks, Orthodox-greek rite. The construction was performed using the designs of the Jesuit Como Giovanni De Rosis. It was opened for worship in 1577. The entire building is inspired by the Church of Jesus in Rome, considered the mother church of the Jesuit order.


Chiesa del Gesù c
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