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Museo Civico_San Cesario di Lecce

Where Piazza Garibaldi, Palazzo ducale, San Cesario di Lecce (Lecce)
The Civic Museum was founded as a Contemporary Art Museum in 1979 and was called the “Civic Museum of San Cesario” in 1984 with a view of the extensive collection including works of ancient and modern art and the cultural heritage of the territory. Over the years until now the Museum has housed numerous exhibitions including that of Aldo Calò (1979), Ezechiele Leandro (1981), Francesco Barbieri (1984), Nino Cappello (1987 and 2003), and Nullo D’Amato (2006). All the exhibitions held during this time had the intent to promote the work of artists from Salento whose donations helped to create and increase the collection of the Museum. In 2012 the museum was completely reorganised.
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