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Where Bonifati (Cosenza)

Popular tradition was Bonifati built by refugees from ancient city of Hiele, came after troops of Robert Guiscard razed it to the ground in 1057. Left for centuries a simple agricultural center, the country has experienced an important development in the last few decades thanks to the flourishing tourist economy along Tyrrhenian coast. Today, beside old town perched on the hills, the town of Bonifati includes the villages of Cittadella del Capo, which extends on a sandbar. Originally, Cittadella was a Greek colony known as Fella, whose only significant activities were agriculture and fishing. In recent decades Cittadella has experienced great economic growth due mainly to seaside tourism. Noteworthy is the view of the town seen from the sea. Among the places of historical, artistic and cultural worth a visit, De Aloe Palace (today Del Capo Palace), Parise Tower and Fella Tower. At Cittadella there are two churches: Santissima

Annunziata and San Francesco of Paola parish church and St. Michael the Archangel’s Church.

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