Luogo - Museum

Museo Valdese e Centro di Cultura "Giovan Luigi Pascale"

Where Piazza della Strage, 2, Guardia Piemontese (Cosenza)

Place of collective historical memory, reopened in 2011 at the 450th anniversary of Valdeses’s Massacre in Calabria and Puglia, Museum offers an important breakthrough of Valdese culture and religious tradition, which in Guardia Piemontese represents a rooted ethnic minority. Museum, together with “Giovan Luigi Pascale” Culture Center, one of the most significant figures for the community, is a symbolic point of reference for the whole history of Valdeses in Southern Italy. It is no coincidence that it is located in historical building next to the so-called "Blood Gate", a symbol of ethnic slaughter carried out in 1561. Since 2009 has also been active Foresteria, place to stay and study.

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