Luogo - Museum

Museo della Civiltà Contadina Occitana

Where Via Interna, Guardia Piemontese (Cosenza)

The Museum of Rural Occitan, housed in one of the oldest houses of the village, was born in 1989 with the intention of recovering the historical memory and the old traditions. The Museum exhibition reconstructs the typical house of traditional rural life: the bedroom with four-poster bed and an antique cradle, a rocking and domestic craft objects; the kitchen; an exhibition hall in which they are displayed tools and utensils, such as a mousetrap and typical clothes of ethnicity and Occitan costume of Torre Pellice (twin city of Guardia Piemontese); the attic, where there is the ancient home of the oven and, finally, the barn with cellar. There is also a rich photographic section.

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