Luogo - Museum

Museo del Peperoncino

Where Palazzo Ducale, 1, Maierà (Cosenza)

The ‘Chili Pepper Museum’ of Maierà is a small museum located inside the Ducal Palace. The museum was created and promoted by the National Academy of ChiliPepper in Diamante and is dedicated entirely to the vegetable par excellence of Calabria, the chili. It was established in 2002 and is currently managed by the municipality of Maierà, which provides visitors with the help of expert guides for tours. From July 2016 it is part of the National Association of Small Museums. The museum has several exhibition halls:
a) The ‘chili road’: 5000 years of traveling from America to Europe;
b) The plant “Fragrances & Flavours”;
c) The section “Advertising and Fantasy of every day”;
d) The Section of “Satire” and the collection “Walt Disney Pic”;
e) Section ‘Pottery & Chill’;
f) Section Kamasutra;
g) The ‘Guests PIC’ in Maierà;
h) The room ‘Paintings’ and the projection TV of the chili pepper industry;
i) The room of Books;
l) The Section ‘Company & Gastronomy’.

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