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Where Maierà (Cosenza)

Maierà is a small village located in a scenic location 360 meters above sea level, on the Vaccuta Creek valley. The town is located at the foot of Mount Carpinoso, next to the town of Grisolia, from which it is separated only by the Vaccuta valley. The origins of the village date back to the Basilian period, when in the area flourished degrees and hermitages, that after so many centuries still lend their names to many places of the territory. The first traces detected of the presence of the village date back to the twelfth century, when a certain Roberto was appointed Baron of Maierà. From 1811 had as a fraction the new center of Cirella, after the devastation of the French troops; in 1876 Cirella separated spontaneously to join the town of Diamante. Maierà is known for the Museum of Chili, only museum in the world dedicated to ‘spicy vegetable’. Architecturally interesting is the mother church of ‘Santa Maria del Piano’, in addition to the entire historic center, which features characteristic alleys and very characteristic views.

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