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Santa Domenica Talao

Where Santa Domenica Talao (Cosenza)

Santa Domenica Talao is a small village located 304 meters above sea level, the southern slopes of ‘Monte Serra La Limpida’. It was founded in the first half of ‘600 by the will of Maria Spinelli Ettore prince of Scalea and, for many years, while still enjoying a certain autonomy, it was included in the Scalea feud. Became autonomous in 1861 and added the title of Talao only in 1863. In the old Town there are the testimonies of XVII and XVIII century’s architecture: the Campagna Palace built in 1774; Senise/Perrone Palace of the XVII Century; Schiffino Palace and various stone portals. But the real jewel of Santa Domenica Talao consists of the Mother Church of St. Joseph, a religious building of high architectural value built in the second half of XVII century. The center of the village is Piazza Italy, a small panoramic square on which stands the bell tower and facade of Mother church with the ancient olive symbol of the country. From the old town you can enjoy an extensive view on the beautiful landscape: a wide view on the entire coast from Scalea to Cirella, with the river valley Lao and the Tyrrhenian Sea as a backdrop. Its territory lies in part in the Pollino National Park acting as a gateway to the Park. Gastronomically Santa Domenica Talao has in its territory the presence of Truffles Blacks, and is well known for its wild boar meat.

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