Castello Aragonese

PIazza Castello - Cento Storico, Belvedere Marittimo, (Cosenza)

The presence of the Aragonese on our territory meant the elevation of Belvedere in "cities of art". The aragonese Castle is built on a Norman stronghold; is an...

Edificio di culto

Chiesa di S. Maria del Popolo

Piazza Amellino, Belvedere Marittimo, (Cosenza)

Entering the medieval area from the "porta della Piazza", near a staircase, find the mother church, the Church of Santa Maria del Popolo, which was rebuilt between...

Edificio di culto

Chiesa del SS Crocifisso

Piazza Amellino, Belvedere Marittimo, (Cosenza)

The Coven of the SS. Crociflsso dates back to 1683. The Church was rebuilt where before there was the 16th-century Chapel of Santa Maria del Pianto, near Piazza G....

Edificio storico

Torre del Tirone

Viale Giovanni Grossi, 13, Belvedere Marittimo, (Cosenza)

The Spaniards arm the territory of coastal defence towers in the 16th century. Tower of Tirone lies in Piazza G. Grossi in Marina di Belvedere. It's...

Edificio di culto

Convento dei Cappuccini

Via Convento Cappuccini, 14, Belvedere Marittimo, (Cosenza)

The Capuchin Monastery, built in 1595 and dedicated to St. Daniel Fasanella, is located at the foot of the fortress of Belvedere Marittimo. The facade of the...

Edificio storico

Torre di Paolo Emilio

Contrada Rocca, 77, Belvedere Marittimo, (Cosenza)

Almost behind the convent of the Capuchins, towards the North-East, on a hill in the village of Rocca, lies this important architectural work. Paolo Emilio Tower is a...

Punto di Interesse

“Calanchi” – Sculture Naturali

Strada Statale 18, 32, Belvedere Marittimo, (Cosenza)

The territory of Belvedere Marittimo presents in some areas "natural sculptures". The coast of Belvedere Marittimo  presents marine terraces and yellow sands ...