Luogo - Museum

Museo Tattile Varese

Where Via Ammiraglio Francesco Caracciolo, 46, Varese

Based on the conviction that models have informative, educational and artistic purposes, referring to Renaissance tradition of wooden models, Varese Touch Museum, opened in 2011, is a unique example in Europe as exclusively dedicated to the exhibition of tactile models in wood, available both as blind as not blind. Museum currently houses sixty models (divided between architecture, monuments, landscape, tactile maps, etc.) as a sort of dimensional encyclopedia look through with your fingers, can stimulate not only the interest for the tactile knowledge, but also and above all artistic world. Visitors making the visit blindfolded, thus experiencing tactile knowledge in its most essential form, which added value and emotion "for all people".


Tuesday-Friday 3:30/5:30 pm; Saturday and Sunday 10:30/12:30 am, 3:30/6:30 pm.

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