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Civico museo archeologico di Villa Mirabello

Where Piazza della Motta, 4, Varese

The Archaeological Museum is housed in the historic Villa Mirabello, which dominates the landscape of Varese Lake. The collection comes from the Homeland Museum and is enriched with numerous finds from excavations in the area, especially from the palafitticolo setting of Isolino Virginia. Besides those Prehistoric, the Museum also offers evidences of Roman period and a recent section devoted to the Risorgimento, because Varese was the first town liberated by Garibaldi, in 1859. The technological equipment allows to the visitors to relive, through audio and video, the picture "The Landing of the Hunters of the Alps in Sesto Candles", a monumental work of Eleuterio Pagliano.


From Tuesday to Sunday: 9:30/12:30 a.m.; 2:00/6:00 p.m.

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