Museo L. Pogliaghi

Via Beata Giuliana, 5, Varese

The House Museum contains the work of the eclectic artist Lodovico Pogliaghi (Milan 1857 - Varese 1950), who designed his home as a laboratory-museum dedicated to the...

Historical building

Villa Recalcati


Seat of the Province and the Prefecture of Varese, Villa Recalcati is one of the most important examples of eighteenth-century Italian suburban architecture, built on...


Villa e collezione Panza

Piazzale Litta, ?, Varese

Menafoglio Litta Panza Villa is located on the hill of Superior Biume. Built in the eighteenth century by Paolo Antonio Menafoglio, presents the typical pattern of...


Museo Baroffio e del Santuario del Sacro Monte sopra Varese

Piazzetta Monastero, ?, Varese

The Museum Baroffio was born originally to house the collection that the baron Joseph Baroffio Dall'Aglio has donated to the Shrine of St. Mary of the Mount; only...


Civico museo archeologico di Villa Mirabello

Piazza della Motta, 4, Varese

The Archaeological Museum is housed in the historic Villa Mirabello, which dominates the landscape of Varese Lake. The collection comes from the Homeland Museum and...


Museo Tattile Varese

Via Ammiraglio Francesco Caracciolo, 46, Varese

Based on the conviction that models have informative, educational and artistic purposes, referring to Renaissance tradition of wooden models, Varese Touch Museum,...


Civico museo di arte moderna e contemporanea - Castello Masnago

Via Cola di Rienzo, 42, Varese

The Masnago Castle rises around the ancient tower of the eleventh century, in the Mantegazza Park. It preserved frescoed rooms in International Gothic style with...

Point of interest

Sacri Monti del Piemonte e della Lombardia (Sito UNESCO)

Via Sacro Monte, Varese

The nine Sacred Mountains of northern Italy are groups of chapels and shrines built between the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, dedicated to different aspects of...

Religious building

Sacro Monte di Varese (Sito UNESCO)

Via Sacro Monte, Varese

Sacro Monte di Varese is part of the group of the nine Sacred Mountains of Piedmont and Lombardy, UNESCO Sites. It consists of fourteen chapels, dedicated...