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Sacro Monte di Varese (Sito UNESCO)

Where Via Sacro Monte, Varese

Sacro Monte di Varese is part of the group of the nine Sacred Mountains of Piedmont and Lombardy, UNESCO Sites. It consists of fourteen chapels, dedicated to Mysteries of Rosary, leading to Sanctuary of Santa Maria del Monte, a place of pilgrimage since Middle Ages, which serves as the fifteenth chapel which also houses a neoclassical organ of 1831, by Luigi Maroni Biroldi. The village of Santa Maria del Monte, where the Sanctuary is located, is connected to the rest of the city, as well as through an urban line (line C), also through a historic funicular recently restored. The summit of the mountain rises up to the maximum altitude of 883 meters s.l.m. Sacro Monte di Varese fully respects the idea of ​​a sacred place immersed in a natural environment, of significant landscape interest, on a hill where a centuries-old tradition of pilgrimages and testimonies of faith existed. A large group of artists were invited to the creation of the chapels, ranging from Mannerism to Baroque.

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