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Villa e collezione Panza

Where Piazzale Litta, ?, Varese

Menafoglio Litta Panza Villa is located on the hill of Superior Biume. Built in the eighteenth century by Paolo Antonio Menafoglio, presents the typical pattern of the Baroque residence with "court of honor". After several changes of ownership, the Villa comes to the Visconti Arese, which will add a new "Hall of Representation", the "Wing of Rustics", destined to the stables, and an English park. In 1935, with Biume family, starts a major renovation, up to house the famous Contemporary Art Collection. The complex is open to the public since 2000. The Collection named after Giuseppe Panza and displays works of American art (first floor) and environmental art installations by James Turrell, Maria Nordman, Robert Irwin and Dan Flavin, whose Panza collection boasts the largest permanent exhibition.

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