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Civico museo di arte moderna e contemporanea - Castello Masnago

Where Via Cola di Rienzo, 42, Varese

The Masnago Castle rises around the ancient tower of the eleventh century, in the Mantegazza Park. It preserved frescoed rooms in International Gothic style with works by major artists of Lombardy. The eighteenth-century wing is devoted to temporary exhibitions in the educational space of the Museum. Since 1965, thanks to the donation of Amelia Bolchini de' Grandi, the Castle is also home to the Modern and Contemporary Art Museum, with particular reference to the works of the sculptor Eugenio Pellini. The collection includes works of painting, sculpture and graphics from the sixteenth to the twentieth century, made mostly by Lombard artists. The exhibition follows a chronological path and offers, through a didactic apparatus, works such as "The Prayer in the Garden" by Francesco Cairo and a number of nineteenth-century sculptures, including "Portrait of Girolamo Ghirlanda" by Vincenzo Vela. The upper floor is dedicated to the twentieth century, with works by Giacomo Balla, Emilio Longoni and Giuseppe Pellizza da Volpedo. Particularly significant is the selection of artists from Varese (Montanari, Gariboldi, De Bernardi and Salvini). The Museum offers an educational section for adults and children.

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