Luogo - Historical building

Villa Cicogna Mozzoni

Where Viale Cicogna, 8, Bisuschio (Varese)

Established before 1440 as a hunting lodge of the Mozzoni family, it was subsequently embellished and completed between 1530 and 1560 with fresco wall paintings by the Campi brothers from Cremona and their disciples. The apartments are all frescoed and containing pieces of furniture household furnishings and paintings stemming from various ages, in the library there are 5000 books. At ground floor 4 rooms decorated during the XVIII Century with stucco-work. The garden was established by Ascanio Mozzoni, a man of great culture who brought back from his travels cues for the arrangement of his garden over seven levels. The most pleasant characteristic of the Villa is its merging with the garden. One can admire the two-flight stairway with a brook running in-between which leads directly to the halls of the Villa and also enjoy from above the sight of the beautiful panorama. The walled-in garden is a typical example of formal Italian garden with box hedges, water basins, fountains and a grotto with remarkable waterworks. Climbing towards the belvedere a more naturalistic romantic park follows.

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