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Museo della cultura rurale prealpina

Where Via Trieste, 24, Brinzio (Varese)
The founding of the "Museo della Cultura Rurale Prealpina di Brinzio" (the Museum of lower alpine cultural fabric of Brinzio) was possible thanks to the special collaboration between different bodies and the local community, on the one hand, and the University on the other. The community of Brinzio has chosen to avail itself of the technical and scientific support of the Department of Information and Communication of the University of Insubria (Varese). Its position is significant: in the old centre of the village,beside that of the Regional Park of Campo dei Fiori. The museum building, originally used as a hayloft, was renovated in a way that sought to faithfully maintain the original architectural features. It covers three floors and is accessed through the original barn entrance; here, in a rustic but technologically advanced ambiance, the exhibition of the farming tools presented in their original setting starts. On the first floor (the old barn) the museum theme unfolds, while on the second floor one finds a large room furnished for conferences, debates and presentations.
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