Luogo - Historical building

Villa della Porta Bozzolo

Where Viale Camillo Bozzolo, 5, Casalzuigno (Varese)

A splendid and imposing Villa in Casalzuigno, a little village in the countryside near Varese at the foot of a range of hills that stretch from Laveno on the Lombardy side of Lake Maggiore towards the Swiss border. Donated by the Bozzolo family in 1989, the villa is surrounded by one of the most majestic, harmonious and rare examples of garden architecture still in existence in Italy. The exteriors and interiors of the Villa still flaunt stupendous floral decorations and rococo designs. Apart from a few pieces, little is left of the splendidly ornate furniture that was brought to the house. Original objects and tools are still to be found in the Villa's large cellars, cattle-stalls, stables, rustic courtyards and rural dwellings.

Villa della Porta Bozzolo c
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